The "Information Mining and Terminology" (InMiTe) module is one of the two modules that make up the "Technologies for Translation" course, together with "Computer-Assisted Translation and Post-editing" (CatPed); the latter is held by Prof. Claudia Lecci.

The InMiTe module is split, in turn, into two sub-modules, the first one of which ("Information mining") is held by Prof. Adriano Ferraresi.

The "Information Mining" sub-module, which will be held during the first 5 weeks of the semester, presents the main online and offline tools and methods to retrieve and process information both for specialised translation and revision tasks, and for terminological and terminographic applications. Specifically, the following contents will be convered:

  • Advanced techniques for web searching using online search engines;
  • Construction of specialised electronic corpora, both adopting manual methods and semi-automatic ones;
  • Methods to retrieve terminological information in specialised corpora (concordances, clusters, collocates, frequency lists, keywords);
  • Advanced methods for consultation of online reference corpora (Corpus Query Language).

The "Terminology" sub-module, which will be held during the last 5 weeks of the semester, presents the main concepts and methods of terminology and terminography which will allow the students to carry out their terminology project. The following contents will be covered:

  • Core concepts of terminology: general vs. specialized language; the concept of term; conceptual relationships; neologisms; the link between culture, metaphors and language; socioterminology;
  • Methods to extract terminological units;
  • Methods to systematize and visualize relationships among terminological units;
  • Methods to plan, structure and feed terminology databases and glossaries with a special focus on OmegaT and MultiTerm.