The "Terminology and Information Mining" (TerMine) module is part of the "Technology for Translation" course. It has two components

The first component presents the main online and offline tools and methods to retrieve and process information, both for specialised translation and revision tasks, and specifically for terminological and terminographic applications. Following an overview of advanced techniques for web searching using search engines, special emphasis will be placed on the construction and use of electronic corpora, both specialised and general-purpose ones, and on advanced methods for text manipulation and corpus consultation (regular expressions, Corpus Query Language).

The second component focuses on the theoretical bases of terminology, as well as the main methods for the retrieval of terminology in specialized domains and its systematization into conceptual systems. The main terminographic tools for the creation and management of simple and complex terminology databases are then presented. Special attention is paid to methods and resources which ensure complete interoperability with the workflows and tools presented during the CatLoc and MatPed modules.